Sand Sort Puzzle


Sand Sort Puzzle is an entertaining puzzle game. In this game, you need to overcome all levels by pouring sand of the same color into glasses to fill them.

As the name mentioned, you will participate in an interesting puzzle game with many different levels and challenges. Are you ready to try this game? Let's start and enjoy this game!

The mechanics are simple and easy to control. You only have to tap to pour the same-colored sand from one glass to another glass to create glasses full of sand of the same color. Flowers will grow after you complete each glass. Fill all glasses to move to the next level!

Note that you can gain reward coins after finishing each level. Try to complete missions and collects coins to unlock new glasses!

Features of Sand Sort Puzzle

  • Superb puzzle and arcade game 
  • Level up
  • Unlimited items in the shop
  • Unlock new skins for glasses
  • Receive reward coins
  • Simple mechanics and easy controls
  • Eye-catching graphics and great art animations

How to control

  • Tap to play.