About Idle Farming Business


You'll be able to run and expand your own farm in Idle Farming Business! To make money, plant and grow various veggies, purchase new land parcels, and sell your harvest. Sometimes the rain and sun will help your crops grow and produce more. Many enhancements that you may purchase for your various crops and plots will enable you to make even more money. After that, you'll even have the option of reselling your farm to investors, giving you a significant boost as you start over. Numerous achievements in Idle Farming Business also grant rewards when they are completed.

Key Features

Deep gameplay that keeps players interested Return to get your rewards. Playing that adapts to different screen sizes (desktop, mobile, tablets) continuous gaming. Build up your farm till you are elderly!


To harvest crops, swipe. Increase crop quality to boost output As you go out on this fascinating quest to expand your agricultural business, discover new features!