About Cut the Rope


Cut the Rope to give a monster named Om Nom some substantial sweet treats. Gain the highest rating by collecting all the stars, then go on to levels with new riddles that are more difficult.

The Cut the Rope series of physics-based puzzle games, in which you must cut ropes, gather stars, and feed your hungry monster companion, begins with this title.

How to Play Cut the Rope

Feed Om Nom after cutting the ropes in the proper sequence so that the candy swings and gathers all of the stars. Sometimes you have to cut the rope just in time for it to fall in the right place.

To advance farther in Cut the Rope, you must have a specific quantity of stars. As you progress, new puzzle components like bubbles and air cushions will be introduced. Before feeding Om Nom, use these tools to secure all the stars.


  • 25 difficult levels
  • Fun problems with physics
  • More stars represent bonus points.
  • demonstrates the comical creature Om Nom