About Impostor Assassin


Prepare to battle every foe in Impostor Assassin! You have an adventure ahead of you where you must separate the bad guys from the good guys. Can you defend yourself and defeat every foe nearby in this exhilarating space adventure?
You and all the other adversaries are here by yourself. They want you dead, so you had better move quickly and fight skillfully. You are in a space shuttle with robots and numerous impostors far out in the universe. Your goal is to take out each impostor one by one. So, to move the character, just use the WASD or arrow keys, or press the on-screen joystick. Your character will automatically attack the impostor when you approach an enemy and stand behind it. Try to gather coins by being a great survivor so that you can use them to unlock new skins. Focus on your duty right now. Make sure you are the one attacking rather than the one being attacked, and protect yourself at all costs!

If you enjoyed this extraordinary adventure, you should check out Impostor for yet another entertaining game!


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Intuitive skills
  • Skins to unlock
  • Multiple levels


The character can be moved by dragging the cursor and using the WASD or arrow keys. Release the left click to halt your movement and automatically attack any nearby enemies.