About Foxy Land


The Fox's love was taken by the Evil Eagle. Aid the adorable fox in rescuing the girl. Help him navigate all the pitfalls and snares. Gather berries and diamonds. There are numerous animals in the forest that avoid enemies and traps.

This exciting game, which will put your skill and knowledge to the test, features animals that are exclusive to our website. This is a logic game because you have to carefully consider the best strategy for achieving your objective. The two sloths, a male and a female, are intended to be brought together. They need assistance getting back together in order to start a happy family sloth because they are in the jungle. Do not jump to conclusions just because something seems straightforward; the game is actually quite challenging, and you must play very carefully to achieve your goal. In order to connect the two in this game, all you need are arrows to position the screen in that way. Avoid falling into the water at all costs because crocodiles will eat you and you'll have to start over. You will be competing against the clock in this game, so you must be extremely agile. If the end time and the two are not congruent, you lose and must retrace your steps. The timer will be at the top, so pay attention to it and try to finish as quickly as you can to earn more points. You might have the opportunity to move up to the top of the best players if you perform well and rack up points. If you liked our game, give us a like, and tell us what you think of our website in the comments.

How to play?

Use the arrows