About Subway Clash 2


Come take part in the excitement and action in the sequel to the renowned shooting series Subway Clash. Play the most popular Russian tunes while doing your best to shoot down other players in this enjoyable first-person shooter, Subway Clash 2. You join the blue side versus the red team in the epic first-person combat to the death as the war takes you to Russia's underground. Use various weapons, including as the Ak-47, shotguns, and snipers, to sprint, shoot, and jump over barriers in an effort to eliminate as many foes as possible before being eliminated. To take advantage of the other players' range-distance, be cautious of the bullets, grenades, and bombs and switch between different weapons.

For instance, employ the sniper to eliminate careless players before they enter your base, and switch to the bombs and grenades to blast away any group pushes. Keep an eye on your health bar to prevent it from getting too low or you may perish. To recover your health and resume action, search for and gather the red healing circles that have been placed on the ground in specific places.

Some players leave behind various weaponry when they pass away, which you can pick up and use to fire! Because the teams have a variety of weaponry at their disposal, make sure you test them all. You can hear Russian music playing in the background of the game because it is the second iteration of Subway Clash.

How to play

Fans of shooting games who desire simple action and gameplay to sharpen their abilities will love Subway Clash 2. Your objective is to outgun your Soviet adversaries on the leaderboard by using every weapon at your disposal. Throughout the route, you can pick up health and weapons from dead soldiers.


  • Amazing 3D graphics
  • Various weapons
  • Action games that go quickly
  • A scoreboard to monitor your progress