About Love me


Love Me is a fantastic witch-and-spells game where the player controls a girl who isn't really a witch but can cast spells to get what she wants—specifically, the love, admiration, and affection of every guy she encounters in the high school hallway. The teenage girl therefore begins the entire action by wandering around the High School hallways, where there are many guys but also girls. You must pay attention to the details and never miss an opportunity to move in the right direction because moving the mouse in any direction also automatically selects the direction of your girl. When your girl meets a guy, aim with the mouse on his head and keep pressing; this will cause some special love rays to emerge from her eyes and remain there for a while. This will make them dependent on you and fall in love with you. The number of men you hunted determines your final score. However, there is a slight issue: if a girl sees you, you will have no chance and you'll get so hurt and affected that you run the risk of running out of lives. Therefore, be careful and act while the girls are far from the boys!

How to play?

Use the mouse