About Flap Bee


We hand-selected the online HTML5 game Flap Bee. Here, you can choose from a variety of the most played games. One of our all-time favorite HTML5 Games games is this one. To begin, simply click the play button and enjoy. An additional flappy game! In this game, you play as a flappy bee that must tap the screen to move forward and avoid obstacles like vines.

Mr. Bumble Flap will test your ability, quickness of reaction, and nerve.
To gather pollen while avoiding the bars, fly around the flower.

  • Tap the screen to keep him flying.
  • A bar is added after every three laps.
  • Every three laps, the colors change.
  • To earn extra points, collect the pollen!
  • For each gap you successfully fly through, you receive one point.
  • The motion of the bars can be either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Bars begin to speed up after 36 laps.
  • Keeps your average and high scores constant.
  • Excellent gameplay physics and gravity


Use your mouse to play he game or tap on the screen.