About Super Robo Hero


The brand new fighting action-adventure game Super Robo Hero is a 2D side-scrolling game that is heavily inspired by franchises such as Power Rangers. The only difference is that the heroes that you play as are actually robots, as the game's title suggests, because they are the only ones skilled enough to defeat the various beast-like monsters that have invaded the world. Super Robo Hero is a brand new video game. Of course, you can also lend a hand by playing the role of these courageous individuals.

Convert yourselves into Super Robo Hero and join the battle to save the day!

When you have defeated all of the monsters in a given level, you have successfully completed that level. With the coins, jewels, and other rewards you have obtained, you should make it a priority to enhance the capabilities, powers, and equipment of your heroes in order to better prepare them for subsequent conflicts.


This is very significant because as you progress through the levels, the adversaries become more dangerous and there are more of them. Move around with WASD or the arrow keys, attack with space, use H, J, K, and L to perform special attacks, and use the mouse to select objects. If you take too many hits and let your health meter run down to zero, you will be eliminated from the game.

We can only wish you the best of success at this point and encourage you to play even more of our daily games to increase your chances of winning.