About Killer Doubeurre


Killer Doubeurre is a Rogue lite runner game. This is a game that runs on a halloween night full of moving pumpkin people where you take command of a variety of people made of butternuts or pumpkins and attempt to build an army by overcoming or dodging various challenges along the road.
The number of your army will be increased when you destroy the people on the street. They will turn into your army.
You can also sow more seeds to sprout better butternuts and accomplish the level ! When there are too many hurdles, you should jump over them. If you become stuck, you will probably lose. After the failures you can upgrade to newer teammates with increased strength.. The path is not long, attempt to reach the finish line.
This game is up to date, therefore if you want to play the most recent version, you can do so here.

Game Developer

The game is made by Pierre Vandermaesen, Chrysope, NOP_Pixels, Krep_pxl, Yuki


  • Simple but different
  • Free without downloading
  • Simple and easy controls

How to play?

-> Mouse click to jump