About Save My Pets


Playing the game Save My Pet will put your mind and multitasking skills to the test. Saving the puppy is more important than just using your fingers to create lines. The game's simple goal is to save the doge. You do this by using your fingers to form walls with lines that keep the dog safe from attacks from bees in the hive. In order to win the game, you must hold on for 10 seconds while the bees attack the dog and shield it with the painted wall. Utilize your intellect to save the doge.

How to Play

  • To protect the dog, draw a line to act as a barrier.
  • You can always draw the line if you don't let go.
  • Once you have produced adequate protection, you can let go.
  • Watch for the hive's bees to assault.
  • Hold your wall for a little moment to prevent bees from attacking the dog.
  • You'll triumph in the game.


  • Adorable, humorous characters.
  • Playing that is dynamic.
  • Indefinite playtime.
  • A lovely soundtrack.
  • Excellent way to kill time.