About Hidden Cats: Detective Agency


Will someone please help the Hidden Cats: Detective Agency team find all the missing cats? Thanks for visiting the Carrot Detective Studio! Faye here, and it's my job to find lost cats. They certainly are numerous! Join forces with "Carrot," your cat companion, to crack cases and collect gold.

Explore the alleyways of Japan, the Shanghai bars (no alcohol on the job! ), or the streets of Asia. Cats can be found hiding in the most unusual places!
Become stuck? In these adorable interactive hidden object scenes, you can tap on objects to reveal hidden cats or use hints to provide you with even better hints. However, use them wisely!
Earn rewards and upgrade your studio using gold. Purchase new furniture to better suit your aesthetic and draw in more clients. Purchase additional rooms to grow your business!
Identify the missing cats before your competitors at the Missing Cat Agency, Jamie and her feline partner, Biscuit, do so and steal your rewards!