About Imposter Battle Royale


Imposter Battle Royale is a shooting game Among Us. Surely you will also know this legendary character. Fierce battles always take place here.

Victory can be yours or vice versa. It depends on your strategy. Good tactics can be created thanks to a lot of experience in battles. Therefore, try to fight more to get the best tactics.

Join the battles

Equip before going to war

The weapons we use are G17 pistols, rifles, laser guns, etc. We will upgrade to these guns and higher ones thanks to the combination of low-level guns. The guns will produce a number of gold coins for us to use quickly to add guns to the process of upgrading guns.

When you own too many guns, choose the right gun to use. Each type of gun will have its advantages. You can refer to these advantages and choose the appropriate type in the Hero section. In Hero, you can choose Gun or Hero to upgrade other characters Among Us.

Join the battle with the first battle

Click on Start, to begin with the first survival battle. Be Among Us the last survivor. A battle will consist of 8 players. Look at the map in the top right corner of the picture table. You will be the white dot and the red dot will be your enemies. Be careful when the red dots get close to you.

In each battle area, there will be many different traps that can cost you the lives of Among Us. A few other ventilation holes will help you dodge enemies. Some other crates will contain a lot of support items such as increased life, increased movement speed, and weapons, .... Let's collect them.

A few tips to win

When your life is at stake, the enemy is attacking furiously. You have very little life left, quickly run to the nearest ventilation holes to escape to another path before it's too late. After that, search the areas with lots of crates and collect more life. When the vitality is stronger go back and continue the battle.


  • Use the ASWD keys to move.
  • Press E to get down to the vents
  • Use the mouse to attack enemies and perform other actions