About Spider Hunt


Spider Hunt is a spider killing game. The colorful spiders are horrible. They can be extremely dangerous. How can you destroy them all? You will know now.

Instruction of Spider Hunt

At the start, you will place a bomb by clicking on the location you want to place in the path that the spiders go through, and the bombs will explode. They will be killed within the explosive range of the bomb. The bomb limit you get is 2 and when placed, it will regenerate after a certain amount of time

The game also has a time limit. Please allocate a better amount of time according to this rule, you will win and reach the next level. Otherwise, you will lose and have to keep playing again until it's done.

Let's increase the winning result, you can click the gift button to get rewarded for watching ads. Victory will be extremely easy when you make good use of your bombs.


From the time the bomb is placed until the bomb explodes, it takes a small amount of time. Calculate the spider's path in advance. Consider the time the bomb explodes, take the lead and place the bomb there. The range of explosive bombs is also not wide, so calculate it well. So that when the spider gets close to the bomb range, it will explode.

How to play

Use your mouse to place bombs in the game Spider Hunt