About Emily's Home Sweet Home


It's likely that you're a bit of a perfectionist if you enjoy playing time management games. Being the best is admirable, but there is nothing wrong with needing a little assistance from time to time. This Emily's Home Sweet Home walkthrough was created to assist you in completing the game to the fullest extent possible because the eleventh installment of the Delicious series is filled with numerous difficulties beyond just beating all 60 levels. The prerequisites for obtaining every trophy and item for Emily's house, along with general cheats, hints, and tips, are listed below.

 Basic Gameplay

You run six different eateries in Emily's Home Sweet Home to assist Emily in remodeling her ideal home. You must take orders, prepare food, serve customers, accept payments, and clean up at the end of each level's shift. If you serve customers quickly, they might leave generous tips, or if you don't, they might get up and leave. Customers' tolerance levels are measured in hearts; once they reach zero hearts, they will leave. In order to advance to the next day, you must satisfy enough customers to reach a certain number of points for each level.

Level Completion

There are 30 additional challenge levels in addition to the 60 regular levels. Depending on how much money you earn, you can earn one, two, or three stars for finishing each level. There is a mini-challenge for each level as well, and the prize is a diamond that can be exchanged for things for Emily's house.


Extra points are awarded whenever you:

  • Obtain payments from several clients at once.
  • Complete orders to clients
  • Multiple orders in a single trip
  • Serve a customer in a snap
  • Complete the mini-challenge for a level.
  • Snare a mouse

Preparing Food

Throughout the game, food preparation gets more difficult. Some ingredients need to be replenished, combined in a specific order, or prepared for serving for a specific period of time. As you progress through the levels, you'll unlock new menu items that can help you please customers more easily, so make sure to update your menu frequently!


You need to click on the dishes left behind by customers after they leave in order to clean up. When a new customer walks in, they might leave if the tables aren't clean. You will be given cleaners who can handle this task as you advance.


While serving other guests, you can keep customers' patience by sending them an entertainer. Utilize your entertainers frequently to please customers and encourage larger tips. Keep in mind that the entertainers can only assist patrons who are seated at a table.


Emily can put her earnings back into furnishings. Decor increases customer satisfaction and patience, which can lead to larger tips. Don't overlook the aesthetics of your restaurant because you can easily earn extra money by buying decorations!

Customer Types

Each restaurant has a different kind of clientele that you might run into. Customers profiles at each location are available in the walkthrough and diamond challenge section. By accessing the menu, you can also see the various customer types in a level. Similar customers are patient, generous with their tips, and place orders of a similar complexity. When the restaurant is busy, knowing a customer's type can help you prioritize your serving; for instance, you might want to prioritize helping a big tipper with low patience before helping your more thrifty customers with higher patience.

Building Your Menu

You must select an item from your available options to set the menu for that day at the start of each level. At first, your options will be limited, but as each day goes on, more options will quickly become available. New products have a number of advantages. Some are quicker or simpler to prepare, allowing you to serve customers more quickly and earn higher tips. Spill-proof products, for example, can help you avoid accidents that might otherwise cause delays in your service. If you are having trouble with a certain level, experimenting with various menu combinations is a good strategy.

The Serving Tray

Although you will be given larger trays as you advance through the levels, Emily's serving trays can only hold a certain number of items. Simply click the item to remove it from your tray if you accidentally added something to it.


Each restaurant has a store where you can buy new furnishings and other things to make your patrons more content, which will lead to larger tips. Don't hesitate to spend money when you have it because investments often pay off quickly.

Secret Game

You can click on the airship close to level 28 on the H.appy Funtime Land map. You'll then notice Emily flying through the air. To play Emily's Air Race, a hidden game, click on her. Emily must be guided using your mouse as she gathers coins. Emily will create a loop if you continue to hold the mouse button down. Although there are no trophies or other rewards in this small game, it is a good diversion if you need a break from the main game.

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