About Class of Skulls


Clash of Skulls is a brilliant new strategy game with conflict where your deployment tactics will determine whether you win or lose the wars in a world full of demons, skeletons, monsters, and more!

Online Clash of Skulls winner?

Tap on the cards below to send soldiers from your hut on the left to the enemy hut on the right, destroying it and their forces to win. Be careful not to lose to their numbers.

Earn skull points by defeating foes to buy additional warriors, but each card must recharge. Classes are:

  • Hogrider
  • Bomber
  • Dragon
  • Warrior
  • Yeti

Naturally, a more expensive soldier is stronger. When you have enough money, strengthen your men for conflicts. You now know what to do, so have fun as only here is possible and never give up—that's how you win these conflicts!

How to play?

Use the mouse.