About Ninja Legend


Ninja Legend is an adventure game of hidden ninjas. Adventurers welcome to the stickman continent! Let's explore this challenging and unknown world together!

Start with the game tutorial

Guided Teaching

  • Slide up and down to adjust the angle
  • Adjust the angle correctly before attacking
  • Loosen to attack

When the enemy attacks the protagonist. Let's click the Shield button to trigger a perfect block. Adventurers, we will get a chance to choose one of the three skills after passing a level! The skills after being upgraded can increase attack and defense power. Ninja will become stronger with this outstanding upgradeability.

There are 2 attack modes for you to choose from at the beginning of the game:

  • Manual Attack
  • Automatic Attack

A few small suggestions

You can choose Automatic Attack attack mode. This mode will help you shorten the attack time, and the number of attacks will be dense. Enemies will decrease in number quickly, reducing damage to higher characters.


Use the mouse to manipulate the enemy attack from all different angles.