About Tom Clancy's Shootout


In Tom Clancy's Shootout, the player can enter the most challenging training facility to test their skills. They must demonstrate their competence with a variety of weapons by accurately and quickly shooting targets. You can get better weapons by eliminating drones first. To get the best score, pick an operator with a high ranking.

You will take on the role of participant while taking part in simulation program and enjoying the thrilling gameplay of this shooting game. 
You can move the pointer to specified spot, glance about, and then aim at the cardboard policemen without having to worry about where you are. 
This eliminates the need to be concerned about where you are. 
You should keep in mind that not all of the cardboard figures you see in front of your face are actual humans. 
So don't give in to the want to kill them. 
To kill these cardboard crooks, you must aim your rifle at various locations on their body. 
The war simulation will involve other participants in addition to you. How many bad guys you eliminate will determine your ranking among gamers worldwide. You can upgrade your weapons and unlock additional warriors with the money you have earned.