About Unite


Unite - Your village is currently under the tyrannical control of Lord Redfoot, who cares little about the welfare of the citizens and rules with an iron fist. Someone ought to put an end to this and claim their rightful place on the throne.

Increase the scope of your uprising, take control of the town, and attack the castle.

A few pointers

  • The objective of the game is to take control of the castle held by Lord Redfoot.
  • You own the blue buildings, Lord Redfoot owns the red buildings, people of the neutral buildings live in the purple buildings, and the empty gray buildings are not inhabited.
  • To deploy troops to a different location, first select one of your buildings, then select the building where you want them to go.
  • You will send half of the people that are currently in the building as troops, rounded down to the next integer.
  • Flying above a structure will allow you to obtain additional information about it.
  • If you attack one of the neutral occupants' buildings, they won't fight back, but Lord Redfoot most certainly will!
  • You loose if your last villager dies.
  • When your troops reach an enemy building, they receive an attack bonus that is added to their total.


Use to mouse