About Rainbow Frozen Slushy Truck


Do you enjoy frozen foods, frozen ice cream, and frozen beverages? Do you like the cooking game Rainbow Food Maker? Then you will adore the Ice Candy Slush Maker by Rainbow Candy Frozen Slushy Truck!

The truck selling frozen drinks has arrived!

Make your favorite Ice Slushies by blending the brightest ingredients ever!

Pick your favorite Rainbow Flavor, then begin dicing!

Pour into your Rainbow Slushy Frozen Machine after vigorously mixing!

Fill cups with your creations and start decorating!

Include marshmallows, candied fruit, gummy worms, and various rainbow candies in your mixture!

Put your preferred straw in and sip your Slushy all the way to the bottom of the cup!

Refill your beverage and add more Rainbow Rainbow Slush to it!