About Donut Challenge


Join Donut Challenge and let's see how many donuts you can take. Grab as many donuts as possible to score more points than your rival and win.

In this game, you and another player will compete to grab donuts in the dish. There are 8 donuts on the dish and the dish will rotate constantly. You must grab your donuts more than your rival to score one point. After a dish is clear, another one will appear. Besides, remember that if two players get the same number of donuts, no one will gain points. The one who can gain five points first will become the winner of this challenge. Keep in mind that some donuts will help you raise one point while the other ones can deduct your score. Therefore, you must look carefully before raising your hand. Stay away from the red donuts and attempt to take blue donuts at all costs. This game will put your quick hands and sharp eyes to the test. Therefore, join the exciting challenge in this game now. With addictive gameplay and colorful graphics, it will certainly bring you moments of entertainment.

How to control

PLAYER 1: Press a W key to take the donuts.

PLAYER 2: Press an up arrow key to take the donuts.

Playable game modes of Donut Challenge

Like 2 Player Games, this game also allows you to choose between two game modes including 1-Player and 2-Player modes. In the 1-Player mode, your rival will be the computer player that is ready to play with you at all times. However, if you want to play the 2-Player mode, you must invite your friend or relative to play it with you. In this game mode, you and your friend will use the same device to join this interesting challenge. Let's defeat your friend and have fun.