About The Box of Secrets


The Box of Secrets is the key to a universe filled with mysteries and enjoyable riddles.
Our game is a classic example of "jailbreak" game genres, where you must solve puzzles, look for objects, and more to find your way, as in "Jailbreak" and "100 Doors." exit.
Find the key to each hidden box by using your cunning and wit!
Find ways to access many types of containers, including plain boxes, expensive cases, safes with combination locks, antique boxes, and more, by visiting various sites.


You can begin your adventure in the mansion's rooms and end it on a spaceship after you've escaped an Egyptian tomb. Are you prepared for such an adventure?


To solve riddles, use gestures. You can navigate the game with the help of hints in the beginning.


  • Incredible 3D visuals!
  • The most basic controls.
  • Pointers to help players move forward.
  • Lovely sound effects.
  • Puzzles involving animated mechanics
  • Find any concealed objects.
  • Puzzles for adults and children.
  • Play without an internet connection!