In the multiplayer survival game, you must craft, mine, construct, and explore an island in order to survive. This free and simple to play survival game, Tribals, mixes well-known gameplay elements from titles like Minecraft, Rust, and ARK Survival! You can decide to create your own base and visit the island either by yourself or with friends. There is a ton to do, from chasing chickens and dodging bears to setting up enormous bases and making a wide variety of tools and weaponry. Make up your own persona and venture out into nature to see how long you can endure. Discover the island, but watch out for your hunger and thirst levels. If they drop too low, you don't want to find out! You will never be bored because there are so many different things to collect and even more to make! See how long you and your pals can live by cooperating or competing. Tribals can be played alone or with others, so get started and decide how you want to play! Can your tribe take over the island and excel?

How to play:

Movement = WASD Keys.

Action = Left Click.

Use Inventory = Tab.

Build Menu = Right Click.

Use Microphone = T.

Text Chat = Enter.