About Fruit Doctor


Prepare to take on the role of the next Fruit Doctor! It is a critical situation, all of you! The town's produce is notorious for its high rate of infectious disease. They are in need of someone who can treat them, and they need you. Their challenges, on the other hand, are not always simple to solve. In some cases, you may be required to perform more invasive procedures, such as extracting parasites from the host's internal organs. But we have no doubt that you will put forth your best effort to save each and every one of them. Let's demonstrate to everyone that they are safe and sound now, shall we?

You can now call this new line of work your own! You take on the role of a fruit doctor and try to save these unfortunate fruits from various illnesses. From this point forward, their lives are entirely dependent on you. The vegetables need your help in order to win this entertaining and realistic 3D cooking game. They are trembling and approaching your front entrance in an attempt to get inside. Each one is dealing with a unique set of challenges. To implement the treatments, you can either use your mouse or the touch controls. The entirety of the procedure is displayed at the very top of the game screen for your perusal. When it is time, the instruments will materialise in front of you. To move in the desired direction, simply drag your cursor or swipe your finger in the appropriate direction. After each successful procedure, you will be rewarded with cash and coins. You can put your hard-earned money towards improving your clinic by purchasing upgrades from the in-game store. After you have made some improvements to your company, you might be able to construct your own hospital. Well done so far, physician!


  • 3D colourful illustration
  • Purchasing upgrades for the facility from the game's store
  • The process must be completed in a number of phases.
  • Gameplay that is both fun and addicting


You can play this game with either your computer or the touch controls on your device.