About ShadoBirds


ShadoBirds is an addictive adventure game with multiple levels. You have to control a bird to overcome all deadly obstacles to reach the nest and proceed to the next level.

Welcome to this game where you can experience the tricky race with a bird in shadow! In this game, you will transform into a bird mother. Your baby birds are waiting for you in the nest. Your mission is to fly back to the next as quickly as possible. Watch out! it is dark and there is a variety of dangerous obstacles and traps in the forest. They can be trees, swamps or stones. If you touch them or fall into the swamp, the game is over. Therefore, you need to try to evade them at all costs. Do your best to reach the nest safely to move on to the next level.

In spite of its simple mechanics, this game is truly challenging for you. A little mistake will lead to failure. Therefore, you need to play this game over and over to practise the skill of controlling the bird. Do your best to beat all levels in the game and have fun. Share this game with your friends or relatives and play it together. After completing the adventure with a shadow bird, you can try playing We Become What We Behold which is the hottest game on our website.

How to play

  • Click the left mouse button to fly
  • Release the left mouse button to drop.

Tips for the beginners

  • Let yourself fall: Sometimes you don't need to click constantly fly. Whenever you see a top tree branch, you should release the left mouse to make the bird fall. When the bird is about to fall into the swamp, you can click a left mouse to make it fly a little bit.
  • Be slow and patient: Patience is a key factor to win this game. Don't rush as this game doesn't have a time limit on each level. Be patient and keep the bird flying at a slow pace.
  • Focus on the bottom tree branch to avoid over-flying: Obviously, the number of the tree branch is more than the bottom branch. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the bottom tree branch. Combine clicking and releasing the left mouse to avoid overflying and hitting the obstacles.

All levels and achievements in ShadoBirds

The levels in the game

This game features 20 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Specifically, the higher the level, the more obstacles you have to overcome. Moreover, the distance from the starting point to the nest also increases corresponding to the level. Do your best to complete all levels in the game in the shortest time.

The achievements

In this game, you are expected to complete 10 achievements. Each achievement has a distinct requirement. For example, to get the first achievement, you have to win Level 1. To earn the second achievement, you have to beat level 5. If you want to get the third achievement, you have to win level 10. The fourth achievement is unlocked if you can beat level 15. Attempt to finish all levels to claim many valuable achievements.