About Shadow Ninja Revenge


A fighting game using shadow ninjas is called Shadow Ninja Revenge.
Play the newest installment of the legendary ninja games, Shadow Ninja Revenge, and enjoy the action-packed adventure!
details regarding Shadow Ninja Revenge
Combat simulation in Shadow Ninja Revenge is 2D physics-based. Shadow Ninja is standing by, ready for battle.

What awaits me in the game?

You will battle in Shadow Ninja Revenge to get revenge on the shadow ninja. There are many opponents and hurdles on this path. The intensity in the game has risen and grown more interesting thanks to elements like traps and secret caves. You may encounter numerous challenges in shadow male combat, including spears and venomous waters. You must carefully get through each one of them.
You can take a deep breath and move on to the next challenging task after the episode has finally arrived at the door that has been waiting for you.
With your pals, you can play the unblocked shadow ninja game. Go ahead and get revenge on the ninja if you're ready!

How to play

Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys

Jump: "W, Up Arrow, Space" Keys

Attack: "K" Key

Ninja Star: "J" Key

Hide: "L" Key