About Mergest Kingdom


Do you think that fairy tales exist? If so, you will soon witness a magical tale featuring witches, dragons, and heroes come to life! Visit The Mergest Kingdom to play some merging games on your phone.
A dull merge game app is not what The Mergest Kingdom is. It is a difficult mission chock full of magic, gardens, and precious items. On your journey through the city or an island, you might come across a dragon or a monster, but keep in mind that you are there for the amazing wonders! You can combine goods to make new, more powerful ones. Create your own village with a garden, gather and harvest resources, and customize its appearance!
With the aid of the numerous items you come across as you progress through the game, you can construct a tall structure and grow a bountiful plant. Become the hero by employing clever strategies to find fantastic ways to match things. Contribute to the Kingdom's reconstruction and make it the new site of magic fusion!
You can pick your character before starting the merging games. Discover the stories of the many characters by doing so! Bearington, for instance, is our powerful ice king who has treasures and a unique origin tale. You are welcomed by Fangtooth to a farm where every animal is more fascinating than the one before it. With his castles and daggers, Mergelot is a true hero. You will find these characters as well as many more! Which do you prefer?

 Make up your own unique world!

• Discover fantastic items, then use them to build your own universe. You will enjoy playing our match games whether you're exploring foreign locations or living it up in a little country. Set up residence here.
• You get to decide! Dragons, forests, diamonds, and just about everything else you encounter on your explorations can all be combined! Both the mythological beast and each magnificent gem are special. The possibilities are endless.
• You set the rules! The island is like a tiny, separate planet. Merges can be created anyway YOU choose! Nobody will be able to stop you from achieving your goals and living out your desires.

Difficulties and missions

• Participate in DAILY QUESTS to get gems and money while having fun on your merge adventure!
• Exploit different RESOURCES to expand your kingdom and discover even more compatible partners!
• Explore enormous MAGIC realms populated by fascinating things, fascinating characters, and mystifying monsters in this limitless universe of merging games!
This experience is going to be ideal for you if you enjoy merging apps! Spend your free time with your favorite heroes on the enchanted island. Select a character, then proceed with them into combat. Gather items as you go and look for combinations that will help you win.