About Cuphead


Enter the world of Cuphead: Don't Deal with The Devil!

The main character of the game is Cuphead, a cup that has come to life, but if it is being played by two people, Mugman, a mug that has also come to life, joins him in his adventures. While the tale can be rather frightening and mature at times, They and Their World is animated to mimic previous cartoons, particularly those made by Walt Disney in his early years. This gives the series an old-school charm and a pleasant appearance.

Why? Well, as the game's alternate title implies, the two brothers have made a bargain with the devil, which is why you must assist them in completing the run-and-gun levels and boss battles in order to pay back their debt. After completing the four worlds and eliminating their bosses, the Devil himself serves as the game's ultimate foe.

Use a variety of weapons and power-ups, some acquired naturally, others handed to you, and some purchased from the shop, to battle these bosses and their minions. The fights and levels can vary from one to the next. You fight these bosses because they owe the devil money, and in the process, you repay their debt and make amends for the two brothers who lost in the casino battle with the incarnation of evil.

Of course, all of these components—as well as a lot more—are taken from the real world and duplicated there. You can enjoy yourself there, sometimes even engaging in the same battles without having run any previous distance—but more on that later.

How To Control

In this game, you must select using the arrow keys and confirm your choice by pressing Z. Additionally, the character control keys are crucial.

  • Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.
  • Press the Z key to parry.
  • Press the X key to shoot.
  • Press the C key to shrink.
  • Press the V key to EX move (requires at least 1 card).
  • Press the Q key to swap weapons.