In the gripping knife game, you must gather as many blades as you can, wrap them around your body, and defeat other players.

Your opponents in this game are chosen at random from many different nations. Your goal is to maneuver your emoji face around the area, grab as many knives as you can, and engage in combat with other players. Attack your opponents in brief bursts because a sustained defense will weaken your blades. Kill as many players as you can to move up the leaderboard and improve your ranking. The room's obstructions should be avoided. After a few minutes, the room's size will start to shrink, so avoid approaching the room's four walls too closely. Do your best to reach Gold status. Attending a pk match with another player will challenge you.
Play this game daily to earn more coins by coming back. characteristics

  • Knives of several kinds
  • Leaderboards encourage
  • Multiplayer
  • Stunning visuals and a wonderful score

How to play

To play, use the mouse or touch controls.