About Wood Block Puzzle


Wood Block Puzzle is a classic puzzle game. In this game, you must remove woodblocks by arranging various blocks in a playing field to create complete lines.

Are you looking for a simple yet fun game to help you relax and destress? Come to our game, Wood Block Puzzle, where you can spend hours immersed in this thrilling arranging game.

Like some other sorting games, in this game, your task is to drag and drop wooden blocks onto the playing field to form complete lines and remove them. Wooden blocks in many different shapes will appear on the bottom of the screen. Use your wits to calculate and align the most suitable position to place the wooden block. You will get points when there are wooden blocks removed. The game is over when the playing field no longer has space to place wooden blocks. At this time, you can purchase one of four boosters which are Change Figures, Clear One Field, Clear Type, and Clear Area. Spend the coins you earned to buy them and continue the game. Let's start this game and try to get the highest score! If you enjoy this game, check out We Become What We Behold which is the hottest arcade game on our website.

How to control

Drag and release to place blocks in the correct places.

Developer and Platform

The game was made by SOFTGAMES - Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH. This game can be accessed on both PC and mobile devices.

Pro tips to beat Wood Block Puzzle

Start the game by placing blocks in the corners

When you play this game, your biggest mistake is to start from the middle of the board. This will lead to a shortage of space for the large blocks like a 3x3 square block. For that reason, you should start from the corners of the board. If you place the blocks in the corners evenly, you will have more horizontal and vertical choices. In addition, it also helps you to avoid leaving spaces in the corners and allows you to eliminate more blocks.

Attempt to clear multiple rows and columns

During the game, you had better focus on where you place blocks as you can use them to remove numerous lines in just a single move. If you use this way, you can eliminate more columns and rows. Keep in mind that the more columns and rows you can clear, the more coins and points you can get.

Save space for the 3x3 square piece

The 3x3 square piece is the largest block in this game. If you are free to place other blocks and forget to leave the space for this piece, you can quickly get stuck. Therefore, you need always leave an appropriate 9-square room for the 3x3 block whenever it pops up.

Plan your moves in advance

In spite of its simple mechanics, this game is more challenging than it looks. You can quickly get stuck if you don't plan your own strategy in advance. Plan your moves as soon as a new set of three blocks appear at the bottom of the game. This will increase your winning chance and help you get more coins.