About Conflict Of Nations : World War 3


Modern warfare is leading the assault as you reach for the nuclear launch button, attack submarines are searching the seas for lone carriers, and master pilots are ruling the skies with stealth fighters. Conflict of Nations: World War 3 gives you the opportunity to affect world history!

Take control of one mighty nation and address the gravest threat since World War 3. Establish alliances, take control of resources, and grow your economy. One must make significant investments in the creation of terrible weapons of mass destruction if one hopes to become the world's preeminent superpower.

Intelligent coalitions or ruthless conquest, clandestine warfare or nuclear annihilation? You may select: Every day of the week, 24 hours a day, the nation's armed forces are prepared to follow your instructions. Are you ready to take charge?

Fans of realistic grand-strategy games will find a vast playing field, a multitude of military units, and countless paths to victory in the Conflict of Nations. Start a game, develop a strategy, and then in the upcoming days and weeks, lead your forces to victory. Get better at this addictive World War 3 game to earn a place among the top players.

Participate in the global competition for the best strategic players! Start World War 3 right away to compete against real opponents in real-time on maps of the modern world!


  • A game with 100 or more human opponents
  • There are a huge variety of different maps and scenarios, and units move across the battlefield in real time.
  • Actual military equipment and technology
  • Large research tree with over 350 different unit types
  • Three different doctrines exist: Eastern, Western, and European.
  • Battle on the ground utilizes radar, missiles, and stealth
  • Nuclear and chemical weapons that are destructive
  • Fresh content, updates, seasons, and events; a sizable community; and alliance gaming that is laser-focused.