About Duck Hunt


Duck Hunt is Nintendo's classic duck shooting game. Duck Hunt became popular in arcade video games and light gun video games by the time the game was released.

We will continue to come to this release through our page. There will be many generations who have played this game. It will be like a memory that will last forever with their childhood memories.

How memorable is Duck Hunt?

Information of this game

The game is an engaging but repetitive and completely mindless target shooter... Like the Nintendo versions of the 1980s and beyond. We will be playing the game by the method of using the game gun to aim at the screen. But in recent years. Every technology has changed somewhat bringing some changes in the form of manipulation when playing the Duck Hunt game.

Actions in the game

Now we can directly tap the screen to kill the ducks or use the mouse to do it. Some of the old rules remain unchanged. That is, you will own a certain number of bullets for each level. There is still a smart dog that catches mallards every time the mallards fall. Those are the basics that don't change in the game. Have fun looking back at your childhood games!