About Delicious - Emily's New Beginning


In the Delicious book series, Delicious: Emily's New Beginning is a fantastic new adventure that readers will enjoy. Emily is eager to return to the management of her restaurant now that her daughter Paige is getting a little bit older. However, keeping an eye on tiny Paige while still attending to all of her clients is a challenge that she must overcome...

Instructions on how to play the Delicious: Emily's New Beginning video game.

In this game of time management, your objective is to assist Emily in running her restaurant while simultaneously being responsible for Paige when Patrick is away at work. Take orders from your customers and ensure that the appropriate food and drink are retrieved from the kitchen. You are responsible for serving the guests, keeping the tables clean, and preventing Paige from escaping from her playpen.

There are a great number of things that need to be coordinated at the same time. Especially consider the fact that you will need to broaden Emily's menu in order to compete with the upscale new restaurant that has opened across the street. If you want to rack up the most tips possible, you should give your customers the fastest service possible. Don't forget to head over to the cash register after you've finished serving your customers their orders so that you may collect payment from them.

In Delicious: Emily's New Beginning, what are the proper steps to take in order to cook special items?

Hamburgers, apple pies, and ice cream are just some of the dishes on the menu that require a little bit more effort and attention to detail throughout the preparation process. This is the procedure to follow:

In the game Delicious: Emily's New Beginning, what are the steps to making burgers?

To successfully prepare burgers, you will need to tap the ingredients in the specified order. The bottom half of the bun should be assembled first, then the hamburger patty, then the cheese, and finally the top half of the bun should be placed on top. Tap the objects in the correct order as soon as you can, or Emily will lose focus and have to begin from the beginning of the list. Be sure to pay close attention to the orders, as there are certain customers who do not want cheese on their burger.

In Delicious: Emily's New Beginning, what are the steps to making an apple pie?

First, the bottom of the pie, and then the apple. The pie will be placed in the oven on its own, and when it is done, the door of the oven will open automatically. If you don't make a beeline for the oven and remove the pie from it as soon as it starts to brown, it will get charred and you will have to start over.

In Delicious: Emily's New Beginning, what are the steps involved in making ice cream?

Simply touching the ice cream machine will start it up. When the soft-serve ice cream is ready, make sure to get a cup of it right away. If you don't stop the machine, it will keep running, and everything will become a jumbled mess!


  • Tap the items to acquire them, and tap on the to complete the collection.
  • consumers to bring them the orders they have placed
  • Please proceed to the cash register so that we may process your payment.
  • Simply tap Paige to pick her up, and then take her to the playpen you set up for her.