About Flappy Bird


In the well-known side-scrolling game Flappy Bird, you must click to avoid obstacles. It was first made available as a mobile game, the game's developer, pulled the plug on it. You can now play this straightforward but addictive one-button game online.

In a nutshell, Flappy Bird

The gameplay of Flappy Bird is easiest to sum up as straightforward, addictive, yet mildly annoying. Tap the bird to lift it up and guide it carefully through the pipes so that it doesn't crash. If you fail, you'll get a good grade, and you'll want to try again to improve on your performance.

Only Flappy Bird is playable online; it was first developed as a mobile game but was later taken down from app stores. Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, explained why the game was taken off the shelves in an interview with Forbes by pointing out how addictive it is.

Despite this, you can still use a desktop or mobile device to play the original Flappy Bird for free in your web browser!


  • Incredibly straightforward mechanics
  • Addictive but frustrating
  • Scoring system tracking
  • The first version of Flappy Bird


Click to fly up.