About Hangman


Hangman is an attractive arcade game based on the puzzle game. Your mission is to guess correctly given words following available topics to save your stickman.

Your aim is to guess the correct word. Other than the number of letters in the word, there are no hints. It may be challenging for you, but it is also a lot of fun when you play this game. Your stickman character will be drawn on the gallows tree for each incorrect letter pick. The game ends when the character painting is finished and you still haven't guessed the word. If you guess right, on the other hand, you can move on to other terms.

Do you have a strong command of the vocabulary? Join this game to improve your vocabulary with a variety of questions. You can choose from a variety of topics in this game, such as animals, body parts, countries, fruits, culinary items, and play hangman with girl names. Start the game by selecting your favourite topic. This game has hundreds of levels awaiting you to complete. Note that the higher the level, the harder the word is. Good luck! Otherwise, if you think this game is too difficult for you, you can try playing We Become What We Behold which is a relaxing game on our website.

Released in March 2021, this game is playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

How to play

Use your mouse to play the game.

Effective tactics to win Hangman

Start with the most common letters

At the start of the game, you should try to guess the common letters which often appear in all words in English. Don't choose the letters q, z, y, or x first. It's rare that these letters appear in a word, whereas the letters like r, s, t, l, n, and e are used a lot more often. Especially, you should guess the vowels first. If you can guess right some letters, the game will become easier for you. Try to get the first letter as soon as possible.

Try to guess the first consonants

The first consonant is a key letter which helps you narrow down the search results. Some common first consonants are s, t, l, h, and n. Look at the vowel that you got to guess the right first consonants. This will increase your winning chance.

Guess the final consonant or vowel after that

Right after you get the first consonant of the mysterious word, you should attempt to guess the final consonant or vowel. The common final consonants are r, l, n, and t. The common final vowels are y and a. If you can get the final letter of the secret word, you will certainly win the game soon.

Focus on the words related to the topic

In the centre of the screen, you can see the topic relating to the secret word. First, remember the length of the secret word and think about the nouns which are about this topic. Try to find out some nouns that have as long as the secret word. Then, click on the most common letter in these nouns. If you can get the first letter with the first click, it means that you are on the right way. Contrarily, if it is wrong, you should think about the verbs and adjectives relating to the available topic.