About Stretch Guy


Stretch Guy is a masterful arcade game. It is your responsibility to move the character's arms and legs to assist him in climbing up the destination.

Welcome to the adventure of stickman where you can participate in a brand new amusement game with rules that have never been seen before! In this game, you must manipulate the arms and legs of your character in order to assist him in climbing up and achieving the goal. However, there are some gaps and dangers in the wall that could cause you to fall and lose your life. Be careful!

Throughout the game, there are various stages, each with its own unique set of challenges. Are you able to successfully complete all of the stages in the game? To begin, select a game and demonstrate your abilities.

Features of Stretch Guy

  • Simple and exciting gameplay
  • Various levels with many different maps
  • Humorous character

Release Date

Jan 06, 2021

How to play

  • Drag to play.