About Tavern Master


Tavern Master simulates a charming medieval inn. Start from scratch, attract customers, sell beer and food, and boost earnings. Pay new employees and level them up. Many want to run a bar or coffee shop. They don't realize the food and beverage industry is demanding. Low margins, fierce competition, and insane stress. Thankfully, virtual business management simulators offer a similar experience without the financial and emotional costs. Become the town's most esteemed gathering place and gain locals' trust.

Customers Always Win

Famous tycoon franchises are often too abstract and lose viewers. The player has little interest in their work without a personal connection. Its hands-on approach stands out. Tasks include buying furnishings and replenishing kegs. Developers added these features to make the process more engaging:

  • Easy-to-learn, compelling mechanics
  • From cheap to classy, addictive.
  • Medieval charm
  • High-quality blocky 3D graphics
  • Lovely period-appropriate instrumental music

The subgenre gains a great product. Fans and newbies will enjoy its calm gameplay and attractive aesthetics.

Tavern Master Gameplay

Mouse-navigate the UI. Zoom with the scroll wheel. Click LMB and drag the pointer to explore. RMB controls camera angle. Start by buying and installing guest tables and benches. Employ skilled bartenders, waiters, and chefs. They know their jobs and will do them quickly. Upgrade workers with enough XP to boost their efficiency. Unlock upgrades and decorate to get money. Wait for word to spread and benefit from increased popularity.
Be a kind bartender and brighten the town's busy lives. Tavern Master is free to play. Enjoy hours of continuous playing in any browser.