About Liquid 2


Play Liquid 2 to challenge you with many hard levels. Rotate the playing field to move the liquid to the destination and move on to the next level.

The liquid game is back with an upgrade and lots of cool features. Your task in this game is still to move the liquid to the destination by rotating the playing field. The game has a lot of different levels. Each level has a different playing field and map. The next level has a more complex playing field than the former. In addition, the game also has some obstacles like squares and round blocks that cause your liquid to be got in the way and can be got stuck there. Be careful!

This game has many different play worlds with different levels. Challenge yourself by participating in this game and transporting the liquid to where it needs to go. Good luck! If you enjoy this game, check out Bartender The Celeb Mix which is a stunning game on our website.

How to control

Use "AD" or Left and Right Arrow Keys to play the game.

Dominant features of Liquid 2

The levels in the game

This game features 3 worlds. Each world has 11 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. So, there is a total of 33 levels in this game. Remember that the higher the level, the further it is from the starting point to the destination. Do your best to move the liquid to reach the destination. Log in and play this game every day to practise. I believe that you can accomplish all levels with the highest possible score.

Satisfying 2D graphics and relaxing music

The 2D graphics in this game are really nice and satisfying. This won't make your eyes feel tired after playing this game for hours. Besides, the jazz music in this game is relaxing. This helps to unwind your mind and relieve your stress after a hard-working day.