About Jelly Dye


Jelly Dye is a fun arcade game based on the art theme. You have to fill in colour into different items at each level to complete goals and move to the next level.

In this game, you have to extract colour from its original positions and fill it in the necessary places. The colours offered at the start are frequently inaccurate, and you must correct them. Concentrate on colouring to create vibrant and colourful products. If you can complete a level, you will claim a lot of diamonds, coins and strikes. Do your best to win as many levels as possible to unlock gift boxes. They contain many surprising rewards such as coins, diamonds or syringes.

Do you have a passion for painting? If you are a big fan of art, this game is perfect for you. It will not only satisfy your passion but also bring you moments of relaxation. Featuring simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, and wonderful effects, this game is appropriate for people of all ages, especially children. Like Bartender The Celeb Mix, this game is playable in the web browser on both PC and mobile devices.

How to play

Mouse or tap to play

More exciting things about Jelly Dye

The item shop

In the shop, you can find out a variety of syringes with different designs. All of them are sold at a price of 1000 diamonds. Try to earn as many diamonds as possible to purchase your favourite syringe.

In addition to syringes, the shop also sells various items which are used to contain the syringe. They are a cup, a house, a rubik, a cactus and so on. You have to pay 1000 diamonds to buy one of them.

Daily rewards

If you sign in and play this game every day, you will claim a lot of daily rewards. For example, on the first day, you will get 100 diamonds. The reward on the second day is 3 strikes. On the third day, you will claim 200 diamonds. On the fourth day, you will obtain 3 strikes. The reward on the fifth day is 300 diamonds and the reward on the sixth day is 4 strikes. Finally, if you log in and play this game for 7 days, you will be rewarded with a gift box.

How to play

  • Mouse or tap to play.