Funny Kitty Care


Funny Kitty Care is a relaxing arcade game. Your mission is to clean a cute kitty, treat its wounds and dress up it. Are you the kitty lover?

If you are fond of pet games like Pet Idle, don’t ignore this game. This game is a perfect fit for all kitty lovers. In this game, your mission is to accomplish all tasks. Firstly, you have to put away all trash from the kitty and clean it from mud. It feels sich in its stomach. You have to undergo a small surgery to take all trash from the stomach. Then, deworm and vaccinate the kitty. After that, feed the hungry kitty with delicious dry cat food. You can play with your kitty to improve your relationship with the cat. This game offers two mini-games including a popping bubble game and tangram. Try your best to win all of the games in the shortest time. Finally, dress up your kitty to make it look more beautiful. Choose pretty clothes and accessories in the closet. Take pictures of your cat and share them with your friends. 

Come on! Play this funny game now and enjoy it! Don’t forget to come to Funny Kitty Haircut to style your cat’s hair.

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Some tips and tricks to win all achievements in Funny Kitty Care

This game features 10 achievements that you have to get. It is not difficult to win all achievements in this game. Here are some tips I suggest to you.

  • Recycle Time: To get this achievement, you have to put all trash from the kitty.
  • Small Surgery: If you want to gain this achievement, you have to make an incision on the stomach of the kitty.
  • Trash Catcher: Try to take all trash from the stomach of the kitty to earn this achievement.
  • Precision Jumps: In the mini-game, you need to attempt to get all thread balls to gain this achievement.
  • Genius: Attempt to complete all the tangrams to earn this achievement.
  • Cat Walk: You need to try all head accessories if you want to get this achievement.