About Pet Idle


Pet Idle is a funny and addictive idle game in which you can raise various virtual animals, and build and decorate your cozy house for your pets.

Are you a pet lover? You want to raise a pet, but your parents don't allow it, don't you? Why don't you try raising virtual pets? Turn on your computer and start to raise super cute pets with Pet Idle now. This game provides 19 different types of pets, so you can freely choose. Then choose the name for your pets. Their personalities will be spun randomly. You can take care of them by feeding them, and giving them baths, walking with them, and so on. Teach your pet different skills such as rolling, jumping, sitting, and running. If you are too busy, you can use drones or robots to help you care for your pets. Often play with them to get more coins. Use your coins to buy pet supplies and toys in the pet shop. Customize your pets to make them more beautiful.

In addition, you can build and decorate your cosy house. Use the money you earned to expand your house if you have many pets. You can go to the shop and purchase many household goods including armchairs, tables, lamps, stoves, bookcases, televisions, fridges and so on. Decorate your house more beautiful and cosier.

Furthermore, you can grow your own garden. You can buy various seeds and gardening equipment like watering cans, wheelbarrows, garden hoses and so on. Take care of your garden and harvest fruits. Besides, you can decorate your garden by adding a swimming pool, tiki torch, deer scare, small bridge and other things that are sold in the shop.

Play this game now and have fun! Invite your friends to raise the pets with you. If you enjoy this game, don't forget to check out We Become What We Behold which is the most popular game on our website.

How to play


Use the mouse to control the movement of your pets and camera navigation


Use ARROW KEYS for the camera navigation

Dominant features of Pet Idle

Many quests

If you want to earn more diamonds, coins and strikes, you have to click on the neighbouring house to ask for additional missions. Your neighbour, Henry, will give you a task and you have to complete all of them in the shortest time to get rewards. After you finish all quests, the new task list will be updated the next day. Therefore, sign in and play this game every day to complete all daily quests to obtain more diamonds, coins and strikes.

Daily gift and Lucky Wheel

This game offers many daily gifts. If you log in every day, you will claim many daily gifts. They can be household equipment, coins, diamonds, strikes and rare pets. Additionally, you can see a lucky machine next to your house. Besides, there is a luck wheel on the top right of the screen. You can spin them for free every day to claim surprising rewards.

The shop in the game

The shop sells various pets which are Husky, French dog, frog, rabbit, polar bear, panda, unicorn and so on. Each pet has a different price, characteristic and ability. Use the coins you earned to buy your favourite pet. No matter what pet, you have to take care of them carefully.

Moreover, you can find out many household and gardening equipment in the shop. Purchase them to decorate your house and garden.