Fill Maze


Fill Maze is an attractive puzzle game. In this game, your mission is to control the color ball, fill the maze with color and move on to the next level.

You will see a lot of mazes in this game. They have many different shapes and designs. You need to drag the colored ball, so the mazes are filled with color. The balls will be different colors on each level, and the maze will be colored according to the ball's color. That seems simple, but it has a ball movement that is not like usual. You can only make it go in a straight line until it reaches the limit and can not continue. Then, you can make them turn right or left. That means you cannot turn sideways if that position is not a dead end. The faster you finish coloring the maze, the more points you get. Unlock all 80 levels to explore even more new mazes.

The game will entertain you and train your brain. You will have to have considerations to be able to color the maze. Different levels will have more challenging and complex mazes that need you to solve. How many mazes can you pass? Are you sure about your tactics? Join this game and experience.

Features of Fill Maze

  • There are 80 levels with many different mazes.
  • Easy gameplay.
  • Colorful visuals and animated sound.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

Use the mouse to control.