About Yeti Sensation


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Help a Godzilla named Yeti to collect as many cherries as possible in Yeti Sensation. Guide Yeti to avoid all the deadly obstacles on the road.

This game will be an exciting adventure because of its simplicity and appeal. Control Yeti to run, turn left or turn right. Then, try to avoid every trap and obstacle on your road. Besides, collect as many berries as possible to increase your scores. You may go through many terrains such as snowy mountains, tunnels, and residential areas. Sometimes, you will see magnets or double buttons on the road. Take them to collect berries more and faster. You can encounter some red buttons. Use it to jump over obstacles. After collecting berries, you can upgrade your items in the supermarket to become faster and stronger. Company with Yeti on this funny endless journey.

Developer and platform

This game was developed by Gemioli. It can be playable on web browsers such as mobile phones, tablets, or desktop devices. It was released in May 2016.

Items in the supermarket

In the supermarket, you can upgrade and buy the following items like helmets, shields, hammers, resilient shoes, pants, and magnets. Helmets, shields, resilient shoes, and pants can protect you on the road. Hammer can help you attack or defend the obstacles while magnets help you collect berries effectively and fastly.

The terrains and obstacles

You need to overcome some terrains such as snowy mountains, tunnels, and residential areas. Besides, obstacles in the game are so varied. Some typical obstacles are rocks, traps, wooden slats, snowmen, cars, coal trucks, and so on. Try to avoid them. If you crash into them, you need to retry the game.

How to play: Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to play