About Year Round Fashionista Curly


Year Round Fashionista Curly is a highly addictive fashion game. Your objective is to mix and match fashionable outfits to attend different events.

Are you keen on fashion? Do you have a nice fashion aesthetic? If you love fashion, this game is a perfect fit for you. In this game, you will have a chance to become a pro fashion and mix and match stylish outfits that are suitable for different monthly topics such as going to school, hanging out with friends, attending a dinner party, going for a picnic, and so on. There are many hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to choose from freely. Try wearing different styles day to day and become a fashion chameleon. Take a picture to share with your friend and post it on Instagram to be an influential fashionista.

This game offers twelve months with different topics. Your ultimate goal is to mix and match the clothes corresponding to the designated topic. For example, the main topic for September is School. You need to choose bright clothes and hairstyles. In October, you need to select the clothes and hairstyle to transform into a witch on Halloween.

Click to play this game now to become a pro fashionista like Chiara Ferragni. The game was developed by Top Girl Games in November 2021. Like We Become What We Behold, it is also a web online game which can be accessed on PC and mobile devices.

How to play

Use the mouse or touch control to play

Tips to mix and match clothes in Year Round Fashionista Curly

Mix crop top and short skirt

In the summer months like March, April, June and July, you have to go to the beach or picnic. It's a good time to wear a short skirt. Choose the most beautiful short skirt in the wardrobe and then choose the crop top. Besides, you can choose a short hairstyle. They will make you more energetic and younger. Moreover, this also helps you to look higher.

Choose sexy clothes in October

The designated topic of October is Halloween. It means that you have to transform into a witch on this special occasion. For that reason, you should choose sexy clothes and some weird accessories for. Believe me! You will become a real fashionista if you follow this tip.

Choose the red in December

Christmas is the most important occasion in December. It is also the main topic of this month. Because red is associated with luck, a red shirt, red skirt or red dress are all you have to choose from your clothes collection. Besides, you can choose a ponytail hairstyle to become younger.

Mix the clothes and accessories which have similar colours

If you are a newbie who is just on verge of discovering this game, you had better mix the clothes and accessories which have the same colours. This is a safe way for you to become more impressive and beautiful in all months and all topics of the game.