About Welcome to the Garden


Welcome to the Garden being a retro game inspired by Pokemon, where you play as Maia and attempt to live in her garden, and without a doubt have a ton of fun doing so!

Welcome to Ichika Maia's Garden, a place where only fun exists.

Navigate about by pressing WASD or ARROWS, move between tools and menus by pressing TAB, accept or interact by pressing SPACE, cancel by pressing ESC, and open your notebook by pressing ENTER.

You can go on several tasks in addition to exploring Maia's world and engaging in various mini-games you'll come across that will provide you with achievements and trinkets.

You may be doing some fantastic activities in this hand-drawn, pixelated world with an RPG game that expertly blends the past and present, like fishing and gardening, to name just two examples. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, tab, esc, enter, space keys.