About Vampire Survivors


Some helpful things about Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors which is a survival action game will blow your mind on tired days. Kill your rivals to become the last survivor and collect your trophies.

With simple gameplay, this game will bring you an astonishing experience. Firstly, choose your character to start the game. Then, move around and use your skill to kill as many enemies as possible. In the game, you can see some blue gems. You need to collect them to pass the level. Besides, you will see some fire. Take them to increase your coins. The strength of your enemies will increase in the next levels. Try to defeat them and live as long as possible. Collect the trophies at your level to level up. After finishing a level, you can use your coins to buy a new character and a new power. You can collect many new items at a high level. Try to level up and complete the achievement to collect more coins.

How to play: press the WASD keys to move and attack enemies

Developer and platform

This game is a product of Poncle. You can play it on Android, Xbox One, iOS, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems. It was released in March 2021.

All the level

This game brings you 20 levels and 25 characters with their own features. Some prime characters are Antonio Belpaese, Porta Ladonna, Lama Ladonna, Mortaccio, Sir Ambrojoe, Iguana Gallo Valletto, and so on. Your enemies will be increased after each level. You also have power trophies to support you in the levels such as might, armor, max health, cool down, area, magnet, luck, speed, growth, and so on. You need to pay a number of coins to have them. After each level, you also can unlock new items that are so exciting to explore.

Special achievements

You can attain 23 special achievements at all levels. You need to defeat all your enemies and implement the challenge. Some challenges that you need to overcome to get the achievements are to find 5 pot roasts, find a clover, find a vacuum, find an Orologion, find a rosary, find a wand in level 4, destroy 20 light resources, and so on. If you successfully complete all these challenges, you can unlock some useful items.