About Tiny Clash


Be ready to participate in thrilling wars with mini warriors in Tiny Clash! Combine the same warriors in the grid to have a strong army to fight the enemies.

The war has already begun. As a commander-in-chief, your mission is to gather your warriors to fight the enemies and protect your country. Use your tactic skill to lead the army to defend the enemies. Firstly, you have to drag to combine the same warriors in the grid. Whenever you combine the warrior, the new kind of warrior is unlocked. The new warrior is armed with more powerful weapons and has stronger fighting skills. Use the coins you earned to buy the new warrior card to get more warriors in order to strengthen your army. Besides, you need to unlock hero cards and then activate them. The hero is really strong and has special fighting skills. If you use many heroes in the battle, you will certainly get a victory. The winner will be rewarded with many coins, diamonds and clearance points. Accumulate as many clearance points as possible to unlock the clearance chest. The clearance chest contains a lot of rewards including coins, a common general card, a rare general card, an elite general card and an epic general card.

Play this game now and show us your leadership skill! If you enjoy it, don't forget to check out another cool game which is ShadoBirds on our website.

How to play

Use the mouse to drag and drop the warriors.

Some interesting things about Tiny Clash

The shop in the game

In the shop, you can buy many kinds of warriors and hero cards. There are 9 heroes that you can unlock in this game. Each hero has a distinct fighting skill. Try to collect all heroes and upgrade their skills to build the unrivalled army

Daily rewards

Sign in and play this game every day to claim many daily rewards. They can be a lot of coins, rare cards or the hero Krampus which you get on the seventh day.