About Tiled Quest


Find the sword, kill the monster, and rescue the beautiful princess. Tiled Journey is an intellectually stimulating game in which you must find your way through a landscape filled with puzzles.

The game Tiled Quest is a puzzle game in which you must rotate and reposition squares in order to achieve the game's goals. In each stage, your mission as the hero and prince is to win the legendary sword, put the evil dragon to sleep, and save the lovely princess. You have to complete all 20 stages and get as many stars as possible in order to see a happy and epic conclusion. If you don't, the princess won't be nearly as impressed. Tiled Quest is a fantastic game that is excellent for keeping those mental muscles in shape.

Although it seems straightforward, if you don't follow this procedure exactly, there won't be a happy ending.


  • To shift the tiles, simply drag them.
  • You are unable to rearrange the grey squares.


Mouse – Navigate