About Tetranoid io


Tetranoid io revives Arkanoid. Instead of starting from scratch, it doubles the mechanics by 4. Thus, four players fight on the same field with their own balls and paddles to deflect and launch approaching balls. Are you ready for a new take on the popular arcade game? Start playing Tetranoid io online now.

What's the big deal if you've never played the original? Why is this title legendary? The player moves a horizontal platform (paddle) at the bottom of the screen left and right to hit the blocks at the top with the ball, which can be launched and deflected by the paddle. Some blocks break immediately, while others take multiple heats. The player loses a life if the ball goes over the screen's lower boundary if they fail to deflect it.

Imagine that same gameplay with four players. Tetranoid io games are full of balls and blocks being demolished. A ball in your goal costs a life. Losing all lives ends the game.

Play Tetranoid io

To move the paddle left and right, predict the trajectory and alter the location to deflect the ball automatically.


Click or hit A and D. (or the arrow keys).