About Tap Tap Shots


Experiment Tap Tap Shots to become the master basketball player. Try to control your ball to put it into the basket as much as possible and get a high score.

With its exciting rules, this game is a great choice for you. Tap on your screen to start the game. You need to control your ball to throw it into the basket as much as possible. Estimate the distance and tap the ball to avoid being out of the basket. After each tap, your ball will bounce higher. There are 2 baskets on the 2 sides. You can not throw the ball exactly if it is too high or too lower than your basket. You need to throw the ball in a controlled time. If you can not perform any dunks in that time, you will lose and need to start the game. The height of the ball will change after each throw. They can be placed in a higher position or a lower position. If you can throw the ball more than 3 times, you can get a fireball.

After the game, you will see your score with a medal. Try to throw as many balls as possible to get a high score. When you have a high score, you can rank in a high position on the leaderboard. Try again many times to boost your basketball skill.

How to play: Use your mouse to play

Developer and platform

This game was developed by Maximiliano Demonte. The release date is in March 2018. It can be playable on a mobile, computer, desktop, and other website browsers.

Some effective information about Tap Tap Shots

The leaderboard

You can see the best scores in the leaderboard. It will record the best result of players in a day, a week, a month, and a year. If you want to rank a position in this leaderboard, you need to throw as many balls into the basket as possible. The highest score of all time is over 1000 points.

Engaging graphics

It is an undeniable fact that graphics are an attractive thing in this game. The effects of the game are so interesting including images and sounds. This game doesn't have many colorful images or backgrounds, but the developer mixes the images and sounds of the game harmoniously. When you complete a dunk, the sound will make you very satisfied.